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Welcome to our Spread School. Here you will find all you need to know about spread betting with SportsSpread. Please navigate through our content to get a greater understanding of spread betting and what it entails. SportsSpread offer this information to provide clients with a greater level of knowledge and if there is anything you believe we have not covered please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Spread Betting Made Easier

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting with SportsSpread is simple and easy to understand. SportsSpread make a prediction on various sports and events and you, the client will then decide whether SportsSpread's prediction is either too high or too low. Your winnings (or losses) will then depend on the stake you choose as well as how right or wrong you are compared to SportsSpread’s prediction.


Here is an example to help you understand spread betting:

If someone predicts that their height in inches is “somewhere between 60 inches and 66 inches”. The range between 60 inches and 66 inches is known as the “spread”. If you believe this person is smaller than 60 inches you would sell or if you believe this person is taller than 66 inches you would buy. The amount you win or lose depends on the stake you choose. In this situation the market is traded in inches and you’ve chosen a stake of £/€1. The person’s height is 54 inches. If you have chosen to sell at 60 inches, well then congratulations! You would have won 6 times your stake (60 inches – 54 inches) = 6 x £/€1 = £/€6. On the other hand if you had chosen to buy at 66 inches you would have lost 12 times your stake (66 inches – 54 inches) = 12 x £/€1 = £/€12.

What are the benefits of spread betting?

1. The more your prediction is right the better off you will be (and vise versa)

Spread betting opens you up to the opportunity of greater wins than with fixed odds betting. This is because with spread betting you choose your stake and your stake multiplies by how many times you were right or wrong. For example if the quote for Manchester United to beat Liverpool is Man Utd 1.8 - 2 and if you buy Manchester United to win at 2 and they end up winning 6 - 0 your stake is multiplied by 4 (the difference between 2 and 6) so every goal Manchester United score is making you money. This creates a huge level of excitement and anticipation that is not evident in fixed odds betting. SportsSpread suggests clients should start off with a stake they feel comfortable with and then increase their stake gradually

2. Bet in Play

In fixed odds betting you have to wait until the sport or event reaches its conclusion before you receive a pay-out but the great thing with spread betting is that you can “Bet in play”. This means that clients can open or close a bet to lock in a profit or a loss. This is something you simply cannot do in fixed odds betting.

3. Wide Variety of bets

Spread Betting provides clients with the opportunity to bet on a much wider variety of bets compared to fixed odds betting. For example, you can bet on how many corners there will be in a soccer match well as how many 180’s will be scored in a particular darts match. Clients can now also bet on a single performance of a certain sports person or a collective team.

Tips for Clients

Research – Although there are always some unexpected results in sports and the different events, there is always a certain amount of research which can be done before a client decides whether to buy or sell on a certain sport or event. Research such as the performance of a team on their home ground could be a factor that can be researched before choosing a stake. Weather can also be a factor for most sports so this should also be something that influences a client’s decision to place a bet.

Bet in Play – As mentioned above clients should not be afraid to close a bet if they believe leaving the bet running will result in increased losses. Alternatively if a client is making a profit and believes if they leave their bet running it could turn into a loss, they can close their bet and take their profit.

Control Your Risk – Clients can control their own risk by the stake they choose. Clients can start by choosing a small stake with minimum risk and when they feel comfortable can increase their stake accordingly.

Why are two prices quoted in spread betting?

You will see that all SportsSpread predictions show two prices – a high price and a low price. The difference between the high price and the low price is called the “spread”. If a client wants to sell they will choose the first lower price or if they want to buy they will choose the second higher price.

SportsSpread allow a range, just like a person may provide a range or prediction if they were asked to guess how much a pair of shoes was. They may say “between £/€50 and £/€55”. If you were placing a bet on this and believed that the shoes cost less than £/€50 you would sell or if you believed the shoes cost more than £/€55 you would buy.

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